Writing a parser in Swift (II)

This is a follow up to Writing a Parser in Swift (I), I'd highly suggest reading that first if you haven't already. Last time, we looked at Context-free Grammars, Recursive »

Writing a parser in Swift (I)

This is part two to Writing a lexer in Swift. If you haven't caught that, you might get more context following that first. In this post, we'll look at how »

A better NSNotificationCenter

NSNotificationCenter has been around for a long time. It let's you post arbitrary notifications and decouples the source of the action from the destination. There are a few flaws though: »

Writing a lexer in Swift

In this series, we'll attempt to write parts of a compiler for a simplified language, Kaleidoscope. If you're interested in following along in C++ or Objective Caml, you can find »

A better <img> tag

There's usually two solutions to embedding images into your web content: 1) Use the HTML <img> tag This means you can set its height and width which could »