Building generic components in React

Communication between components in React is typically in one direction, i.e. from parent components to child components. We largely use props to pass information like this: <MyVeryAwesomeComponent title= »

From UIKit to Web

In this short series, we explore how to tackle some UI questions for the web with respect to how things are done on iOS. Let's revisit a loading spinner animation »

Working with URLs

It's cumbersome to work with NSURL with all its verbosity. Here's a sweet way to make that all better with Swift. import Foundation func +(lhs: NSURL, rhs:String) -> »

JSON and Swift

Many have tried to tackle the issue and there're now some really good solutions. Here are just a handful of them and there are 2 main categories. Some solutions make »

Using proportional fonts

In case you've wanted to create interfaces that mimic the precision of the clock on the iOS lock screen. Here's snippet that allows you to activate font features that enable »