From UIKit to Web

In this short series, we explore how to tackle some UI questions for the web with respect to how things are done on iOS. Let's revisit a loading spinner animation »

Using proportional fonts

In case you've wanted to create interfaces that mimic the precision of the clock on the iOS lock screen. Here's snippet that allows you to activate font features that enable »

Design Teardown: Spinning Indicator

Having worked on a Material Design themed project lately, I wanted to create the loading spinner seen now in many Google apps. Here's how I experimented to create the following »

Creating animation sequences

Thanks to @borndangerous and @bradjasper for their suggestions. Creating natural looking animations has always been hard. But with Pop and its extension MCAnimate, it doesn't have to be. (Disclaimer: I »

Design Teardown: Spinning Tips

Tweetbot is hands down my favorite Twitter app on iOS. It features tons of interesting UX elements all around. In particular, there's an awesome effect in the on-boarding process we'll »