Design Teardown: Stretchy Headers

The Yahoo News Digest app brings an interesting approach to reading news. It refreshes with a curated selection twice a day, making for a quick read. It also packs a »

Delaying code execution

For a while now, this has been quite a tiresome exercise in Swift. Gone are the - (id)performSelector:(SEL)aSelector family of methods on NSObject and the corresponding cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget: »

Fading audio in and out

For one of those times we need to apply a fade in and out transition for audio playback, the AVPlayer API provides a possible way to do this: let player »

Working with Realm

For a long while we had little in terms of mobile persistence options (other than Core Data, or NSKeyedArchiver using the NSCoding protocol) until earlier this year when Realm was »

Making your animations POP

So earlier this week, Facebook open sourced its animation framework called Pop. Credited with powering all the animations and transitions in Paper, it is definitely one step towards the era »