Parsing query parameters

While working my new app Jibber, over the last couple of weeks, I needed to quickly parse a url and obtain the query parameters. We could do this by breaking »

Design Teardown: Spinning Indicator

Having worked on a Material Design themed project lately, I wanted to create the loading spinner seen now in many Google apps. Here's how I experimented to create the following »

Creating animation sequences

Thanks to @borndangerous and @bradjasper for their suggestions. Creating natural looking animations has always been hard. But with Pop and its extension MCAnimate, it doesn't have to be. (Disclaimer: I »

Offbeat: Playlists for Every Mood

I've recently released Offbeat, a music app that helps create playlists based on a given tempo. It's great for exploring your music but it's also a terrific design exercise. Download »

Design Teardown: Spinning Tips

Tweetbot is hands down my favorite Twitter app on iOS. It features tons of interesting UX elements all around. In particular, there's an awesome effect in the on-boarding process we'll »