Design Teardown: Spinning Indicator

Having worked on a Material Design themed project lately, I wanted to create the loading spinner seen now in many Google apps. Here's how I experimented to create the following »

Design Teardown: Spinning Tips

Tweetbot is hands down my favorite Twitter app on iOS. It features tons of interesting UX elements all around. In particular, there's an awesome effect in the on-boarding process we'll »

Design Teardown: Stretchy Headers

The Yahoo News Digest app brings an interesting approach to reading news. It refreshes with a curated selection twice a day, making for a quick read. It also packs a »

Delaying code execution

For a while now, this has been quite a tiresome exercise in Swift. Gone are the - (id)performSelector:(SEL)aSelector family of methods on NSObject and the corresponding cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget: »

Fading audio in and out

For one of those times we need to apply a fade in and out transition for audio playback, the AVPlayer API provides a possible way to do this: let player »